International Geoscience Programme Project 591 - Closing Meeting

'The Early to Middle Palaeozoic Revolution'

Jointly with:

  • The International Subcommission on Cambrian Stratigraphy (ISCS)
  • The International Subcommission on Ordovician Stratigraphy (ISOS)
  • The International Subcommission on Silurian Stratigraphy (ISSS)
  • The International Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy (ISDS)
  • IGCPs 596 and 653


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Conference theme

"A combined data-model approach to understand the early to middle Palaeozoic revolution"

This multidisciplinary meeting aims at bringing together specialists from the data-community, including but not exclusively:

with specialists from the numerical modelling community who focus on, e.g.: climate, ice-sheet, geochemical,, palaeo-ecological or sedimentological modelling. Using data-model comparison methods, we aspire to obtain a better understanding of the complex processes that shaped the Earth during the IGCP591 'time window', and, by extension, the whole Palaeozoic.
As such, we will construct a synthesis of the advances made during the whole IGCP591 programme and associated projects, and help set the agenda for continued community-driven initiatives for the future.

Given that deep-time data-model comparison requires a profound understanding of the stratigraphy, this will be a joint meeting with the Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian commissions on stratigraphy.

Break-out sessions for each of the sub-commissions' specific research and business will be organized as part of the meeting.
The ISDS session will be co-sponsored by our friends of IGCP 596.

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Our partners:

Paleontological Association Ghent University IUGS-UNESCO logo The Leverhulme Trust: Assembling the Early Palaeozoic Terranes of Japan FWO - Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek - Vlaanderen Society for Sedimentary Geology